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About iNDC Financial Wellness Centre

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Debt Counselling

About Us


iNDC Financial Wellness Centre is a Specialist Company and was formed in November 2008, with the aim to render professional Debt Counselling/Debt Review and Debt Management services to the over-indebted consumer in South Africa nationally. iNDC have established very good relationships with all the role players in the Credit Industry in South Africa, which include all the major Creditors, and Banks. iNDC is a registered National Credit Regulator (NCR) Debt Counsellor (NCRDC686), and is also a registered member of the Debt Counselling Association of Africa (DCASA0110), as well as a registered member of the National Debt Mediation Association (NDMA905328DM). The company operates nationally and have a national panel of Debt Counselling Attorneys (currently 250) that are able to bring Debt Counselling cases in any jurisdiction in South Africa. We assist individuals and families as well as Legal Entities nationwide to manage and pay their debts and take control of their finances.

iNDC Financial Wellness Centre has a strategic partnership with Hyphen Technology (Pty) (Ltd), a NCR accredited leading Payment distribution Agency, and also a member of the FirstRand Group. This means we have a very effective and reliable recovery and distribution system, and our Software partner (Simplicity Debt Counselling Programme) is fully integrated with Hyphen Technology which means that all transmission of data will be handled with the
utmost safety and security at all times. Hyphen processes more than 140 Million transactions per annum, and is a fully automated PDA. (IBMi series driven).Through this process each consumer’s new, reduced payment plan are effectively managed, and the funds are seamlessly collected and distributed to your creditors on your behalf by the leading PDA in
South Africa.

iNDC specializes in a range of Debt Management Solutions, and if we believe that (after having done the assessment), Debt Review is not the solution for your particular circumstances, we will recommend the correct option for you, even if it means Sequestration (Voluntary Surrender of Estate), or Liquidation (Legal Entity). We have a solution to help all our clients, and our number one goal is to protect the interests of the consumer, to make sure you are aware of your rights in terms of the National Credit Act, and above all,


The iNDC Team:

The core iNDC team have been involved in corporate and entrepreneurial ventures for over 25 years, have an extensive knowledge of Businesses / Consulting Businesses , Personal and Commercial debt and understand the inner works of Debt Counselors and Credit Providers, as well as Employer’s HR Departments and Groups.

This experience complements our ability to implement and manage effective Systems and Negotiate Settlements with various types of Credit Providers. We have a Solution to help all our Clients and our Number One Goal is to Protect the Interests of the Consumer, the Debt Counsellors, Employers and Groups.

The iNDC Team will live up to and adhere to the following Values:

  • To act in the consumers’ best interest, we require complete honesty and integrity in everything we do.
  • To Respect the individual, and believe that individuals who are treated with respect and given responsibility, respond by giving their best.
  • We Make Commitments with care, and then live up to them. In all things, we do what we say we are going to do, and we insist on giving our best effort in everything we undertake.

The whole team … continuously, are defining the capacity requirements (infrastructure people, processes and systems) in order to cope with expected volumes as well as an action plan to address all requirements.

‘The iNDC Team – ordinary people …. achieving extraordinary results!’