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Contact iNDC Financial Wellness Centre’s Debt Counsellors for Assistance with Overdue Credit Accounts

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Debt Review

Contact iNDC Financial Wellness Centre’s Debt Counsellors for Assistance with Overdue Credit Accounts

We, at iNDC Financial Wellness Centre, are committed to the provision of debt management solutions, whether such are:

Our counsellors have already helped over 5 000 consumers and 200 businesses since 2008, through debt restructuring plans and solutions to become debt free. We have an excellent relationship with the major players in the credit industry. This has made it possible for us to negotiate lower interest rates, longer repayment periods and more reachable solutions on behalf of our clients.

We are registered as a National Credit Regulator (NCR) and Debt Counsellor, in addition to being a registered member of the Debt Counselling Association of Africa, as well as the National Debt Mediation Association. We thus have the credibility in the industry to negotiate on behalf of our over-indebted clients.

We provide our services nationwide and have a panel of 250 debt counselling attorneys to bring debt counselling matters to the court and thus protect the best interests of our over-indebted clients. Our service profile is not limited to individuals and families, but extends to include business entities struggling with debt.

We have developed a solid and strategic partnership with a reputed payment distribution agency in the country. Hyphen Technology (Pty) (Ltd) is a reputable company known for their excellent record keeping and timely distribution of moneys to credit providers. Our software partner is fully integrated with Hyphen Technology, which facilitates fast and secure transmission of data.

Our team has been involved in corporate endeavours for over 25 years and as such, has extensive business, entrepreneurial and commercial experience. They understand how to structure personal and commercial finances, and have in-depth knowledge of how credit providers and HR departments function. Armed with this experience, the counsellors are able to provide a more efficient service to our debt clients and thus negotiate favourable settlements with the various credit providers.

Debt Review

If you are over-indebted, are an individual or couple married in community of property, and have a monthly income and proof of such, you can apply for review. Once you have applied, you will have immediate protection against legal action from creditors and will not need to deal with the creditors directly.

Our counsellors will assess your financial status, including monthly income and expenditure. If found that you qualify for debt review, they will restructure your budget and discuss it with you. The rearranged repayment plan proposal is submitted to the credit providers, and we negotiate lower interests and longer pay-back periods.

With debt review, you can pay up to 60% less on creditors monthly, and will thus have enough money to cover the debts and pay for basic living expenses. This option is suitable if there has not been judgment taken against you, as such debt must be excluded from the debt review process. Your assets will be protected during the pay-back period and once the debt is settled, a debt clearance certificate is issued and you can once again enter into credit agreements.

The debt review covers secured and unsecured debts, including vehicle finance, store accounts, credit cards, personal loans and mortgages. Service contracts, leases and residual financed vehicles are excluded. The process is explained under “Debt Review” on our website.


If your total outstanding liabilities exceed your total assets, and your income is insufficient to compile a debt rearrangement payment plan to the creditors, you can apply for sequestration. It involves the voluntarily surrendering of your estate, whereby the court writes off all of your consumer debt.

You do not need property and will not have to appear in court. Any pending legal action against you is immediately suspended and the creditors cannot harass you. All existing garnishee orders are cancelled and you will not lose any household belongings or furniture. This affords you the ability to start building a new estate immediately and you can apply for rehabilitation after 18 months to four years. The process is explained under “Sequestrations” on our website.


If you own a business and thus apply to surrender your estate, it is called liquidation. The company and its affairs are placed under control of a liquidator, who must evaluate the assets and divide them amongst the creditors fairly according to the regulations of the Companies Act.  The process is explained under “Liquidation” on our website.

If debt is causing you to lose sleep and you are tired of having to juggle between accounts to make credit payments, seek professional debt counsellors’ assistance. Contact us for immediate professional assistance today.