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Norio De Sousa

A letter like this one is hard to write because you have to admit to messing up your finances and needing help from an outside but that’s exactly what happened with us. In my early teens, I got myself a bunch of credit cards, an overdraft and a few clothing store accounts. Within the space of a few short years, I racked up over R100k in debt. We were managing to pay everything off until one December, business was quiet, and I couldn’t afford the basic necessities in life like rent and food, so I dipped even deeper into the cookie jar and financed that month on my credit cards. It reached a point where I could no longer afford to make the repayments on my credit and I needed help desperately because my bank and other creditors were calling me daily and getting very impatient with me and my late payments. I contacted INDC and handed the problem over to them. In a short space of time, all my creditors were advised that I was going under debt review and not to contact me anymore and a payment plan was put into place. Later on, the court order finalising my debt review was made official and now all I had to do was pay one central place my monthly payment and that was it. It saved my sanity and really helped us to start getting back on our feet again. I’m a big fan of debt review and of INDC in particular as they really turned my situation around and turned a mess into a manageable get-debt-free plan. Thank you!